• GovWin Import
  • Complete Data Tracking
  • Qualification Matrix
  • Find Teammates via Search
  • Team Capability Matrix
  • Team Communication
  • Pipeline Dashboard
  • Activity Feed

  • Manage Data Calls
  • Outline/Compliance Matrix
  • Content Plan
  • Writer's Package
  • Track Writing Assignments
  • Conduct Color Reviews
  • Resume Database
  • Office Online Integration

  • Manage Prime Contract
  • Manage Subcontracts
  • Manage Correspondence Log
  • Manage CDRLs

  • Work Authorizations
  • Time & Expense
  • EVMS Lite
  • Change Management

GovWin® Import

Export your GovWin tracked opportunities and easily import them into OneTeam. This is a very fast processes, even with hundreds of opportunities. Then import updates on a regular basis. If you’re own intelligence is better than GovWin, which may be the case if you’re in capture mode, then you can enter your data in OneTeam. On the next update, OneTeam will ask if you want to keep the user-entered value or GovWin value. This provides you with the best possible data to make an informed bid/no-bid decision quickly.


Qualification Matrix

Very quickly qualify an opportunity based on the criteria that are important to your business and apply weighting to each. Simply point and click to select how your team rates in each area. Save snap-shots of your scoring to support your Gate Review process. As you move through the Capture process, update your Qualification Matrix to reflect the current reality. The Qualification Score allows you to readily see which opportunities you should focus on pursuing further, and which ones you need to better qualify or, if necessary, drop altogether. Consistent application of the Matrix to all your opportunities will improve your bid/no-bid discipline.



Search allows you to find potential teaming partners. You can refine your queries based on company attributes from the System for Acquisition Management (SAM) or prime contract attributes from the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS).

Say, for example, you need an 8(a) sub, headquartered at Ft. Bragg, with past performance in NAICS 541511, who has experience with cost plus contracts and the Air Force. You can find all companies that match these criteria in about 30 seconds. You can also use Search to check out your competitors to see what prime contracts they hold and when they expire.


Team Communication

Throughout the Business Development, Capture and especially the Proposal process, effective communication with your teammates is crucial. The Communication feature in OneTeam is designed to streamline the process by using templates, POCs and Roles, combined with email automation technology.

You can create email templates to invite potential teaming partners, notify team members of new Task Order RFPs, and send out data calls as well as many other uses cases. OneTeam automatically tracks each email with date sent, date delivered and date clicked. Now, at a glance, you know the status of all your team communications.


Capability Matrix

Your pursuit decision, and ultimately your bid decision, depends on your team’s capability. Most government contractors email a data call to their team members requesting input against requirements listed in an Excel spreadsheet. Then the Prime contractor has to compile all the emailed responses into a composite list to determine if all requirements are covered.

But now there is a better way. OneTeam allows all team members fill out the Capability Matrix online and the Prime sees the responses in real time, reducing cycle time considerably. Then all responses are rolled up to give the Prime a color-coded summary view of the team’s capabilities where holes can quickly be identified.


Words From OneTeam Users...

  • OneTeam Opportunities is a real gamechanger. Nothing compares to OneTeam in terms of ease of use, capability, and value. We can Import from GovWin or bypass at the field level when we have more current intel than they do. The Qualification Matrix lets us quickly "size up" opportunities and prepare for Gate Reviews. Everyone, at the prime and sub level, provides feedback to move the p-win higher, or to get to a no-bid quicker. I can’t say enough about OneTeam, it’s amazing!

    Rich McAdams

    Rich McAdams

    CEO, ReliaONE
  • I have used OneTeam Search and wish I had it so much sooner! This tool has streamlined my ability to find the right teaming partner to go after opportunities. I don't know how I would function without it. It is a must have for any Business Development person!

    Jonathan Hard

    Jonathan Hard

    President, H2L Solutions, Inc.