OneTeam is everything you need to organize, track, and manage opportunities at every stage of capture, in one place.

Qualification Matrix

You simply can't bid every opportunity. With the OneTeam Qualification Matrix, you can easily discover which opportunities in your pipeline provide the best chance of winning, and therefore the best ROI on your B&P dollars.

Calibrate the Qualification Matrix to your company's specific requirements. Then, test all opportunities against the Matrix. Take snapshots as the opportunity matures and you move through gate reviews. This disciplined, methodical approach keeps the team focused on the most winnable opportunities.

OneTeam Qualification Matrix

GovWin Import

No need to manually manage opportunity data that resides in GovWin. With the appropriate GovWin subscription, exportable GovWin data is painlessly imported into OneTeam.

If your intel is more recent than GovWin, simply make the necessary changes in OneTeam. Subsequent import will not automatically overwrite your changes. However, all other updates from GovWin will be imported, so your opportunity information is always up to date.

OneTeam Opportunity Management


A summary of all opportunities — Where are they in the pipeline? Are they winnable? — is a necessary management tool. The OneTeam Dashboard provides this visibility, and more.

See opportunities by acquisition status or internal status, and win-loss ratio. Additionally, view and export time-phased revenue generated from your pipeline.

OneTeam Opportunity Dashboard

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