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Using OneTeam's robust refiners, you narrow the Search results to companies that match your specific criteria. For example, say you need an 8(a) sub who's headquartered at Ft. Bragg, with Past Performance in NAICS 541511, who has experience with cost plus contracts with the Air Force, and is currently working at Eglin Air Force Base.

No problem. You can have a list of companies in 30 seconds. For each company, you see relevant Profiles, Award Summary Graphs and Award Details by contract and mod.

OneTeam Search Results

Award Graphs

The Award Summary shows obligated amounts by year for prime contracts, for up to 10 years. The graph can be viewed by Agency, Contract Action Type, Contracting Office Agency, NAICS Code, Type of Set Aside, and Type of Contract Pricing.

OneTeam Search Award Summary

Award Details

The Award Details provides prime contracts and associated mods, by Contract Action and Contract Office Agency. Discover details like contract start and end, obligated amount, set aside type, contract and mod numbers. All information is shown in a grid that can be sorted, filtered and grouped to provide a customized layout.

OneTeam Search Award Details

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