Joining a Company

Joining a Company

Joining a Company To help your team stand out in OneTeam searches, we walk you through the process of joining your company. From creating your company profile to obtaining permission to update an existing profile, you will learn how to improve your team’s success in securing government contract partnerships.

OneTeam Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile Get noticed by others looking for partners! After registering your company in OneTeam, the next step is to establish (or update) your company profile. In this video, we walk you through the process of setting up your company profile, building out your narrative, adding qualifications, a list of contracts you have been awarded,…

OneTeam Search

Company Search

Company Search OneTeam helps you find partners for your next contract with Company Search. Join us as we show you how to utilize this feature, narrowing down your search of potential companies based on a list of factors, including names, locations, and a variety of codes. Once you have found a shortlist of potential partners,…