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Discover how Whitespace Innovations moved from a spreadsheet-based system to OneTeam's integrated capture and proposal management software platform to support their growing list of small and large businesses. Whitespace mentors more than 100 government contractor clients in the US, UK, Sweden, and Australia. In this video, Austin Boyd, Chief Executive Officer, Fred Fagan, President, and Alex Johnson, Marketing Manager discuss how Whitespace Innovations implemented OneTeam and discovered this powerful asset to support their clients.

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Austin Boyd, CEO Whitespace Innovations
Austin Boyd, CEO Whitespace Innovations

Austin Boyd I'm Austin Boyd, the chief executive officer for Whitespace Innovations in Huntsville, Alabama. Whitespace Innovations is a business growth mentoring firm, and our focus is entirely upon helping small and large businesses to grow profitably. We help them to set a strategy for the penetration or improvement of that market. We help them to find opportunities to capture the procurements--mostly in the federal space--and to write proposals that win.

But you need a place to keep up with that, and that's called a customer relationship management tool and a pipeline. We recommend using OneTeam because it gives you a chance to look at the value that's been factored and see how that impacts your overall revenue. It gives us a place to keep track of all the actions and the notes and the important information that goes along with the qualification of that opportunity.

Fred Fagan One of the most popular features about OneTeam that our clients like is the proposal management: color team reviews, managing documents that are being revised, version control, etc. It basically helps a proposal manager become more efficient and it reduces additional pain.

Alex Johnson Before OneTeam, we were using an Excel spreadsheet. That's really difficult because you go back and forth with different versions and people change things. It's not always up-to-date, and you're not always sure who has the latest information. With OneTeam being a database online, you always know that you have the most up-to-date information, so it helps us stay organized.

You'll find that this is the universal tool and it's part of the universal language of business development.

Austin Boyd Many clients have asked me, "Why can't I just do my pipeline in Excel?" I tell them that besides the fact that you will have problems with ease of access and accountability and a configuration management problem, the real issue is that you spend more time than you need, and time is money.

Fred Fagan Whether you're an executive or a president or a CEO or even a business management leader, you still have valid use of the data that comes out of the same pieces that a capture manager or proposal manager would need to look at. It's just packaged a little bit differently in a different scale. It's all right there.

Opportunity Pipeline in OneTeam
Opportunity Pipeline in OneTeam

Austin Boyd The beauty of OneTeam is that you invite your writers through the web, and it builds the proposal in the web. You're able to develop the proposal more quickly and save money. And because time is money and we're in this about profit, that matters to us.

Fred Fagan Communication with the client is really critical--and it must take place on multiple levels--but OneTeam definitely helps with that because we can log into the environment where their pipeline exists. At that point, we can be looking at the same exact data. We can even update that data for them, so it streamlines things significantly. There's no sharing of files. It's all right there inside the database.

Austin Boyd And that's the beauty of this product. It's got so many dimensions that you never realized at first, but which make you so much more productive in business development. As you do your work, you'll find that this is the universal tool and it's part of the universal language of business development.

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